TELC Youth Group


Past Youth Service Events:

Winter Weekend – A faith retreat at the Rotary Sunshine Camp

30 Hour Famine – Youth raised money to fight hunger, spent the night at TELC

and participated in a service event at Hope Church's Food Pantry

Flower City Work Camp – Adult chaperones participated in the annual Rochester event held

during Spring Break, doing repairs on city homes

Rake and Run – Youth raked the leaves of member’s homes

Easter Pancake Breakfast – Students make and serve a pancakes following Easter service

Group Workcamp – Youth traveled to Keansburg, NJ in July for a week of service and work

to benefit the residents of the area. 

He Brews Coffee Hour – Monthly coffee/pastry shop run by the youth to raise money for

workcamps and other youth events. (4th Sunday of month between services).

Past Youth Fellowship Events:

Ice Skating at Bill Gray's Ice Complex

Youth Group Extravaganzas – Time of fellowship, games, and Bible Study one Friday of the

month held either at church or at a student’s home. 

Youth Bowling at Radio Social

LYO Corn Maze at Long Acre Far ms

Christmas Party at Church with games and gift exchange


  Source of funds:

The fund was initially created in 1997 with major funding by members: Sam Hessney and Dick Klatt Sr. and a small fundraiser from the TELC Congregation. The donations are invested and the interest from the investments is used for the distribution.   The principle remains untouched.

 TELC members are encouraged to contribute to the fund,


To continue a connection with TELC students after they graduate from High School. A distribution is made to them with the interest from the fund twice a year: Fall and Spring. The distribution is accompanied by an "encouraging" letter in an effort to maintain communication between the church and the student

Who Qualifies?

All TELC active member students who finished  High School and pursue undergrad studies. This include vocational studies.

Students are asked to submit an yearly application with their names, school name and address, etc. This is necessary in order for the SOS coordinator to manage who is still in school and where to mail the distribution.


The TELC finance committee invest funds as appropriate,

The SOS coordinator contacts all qualifying students and requests an SOS fund application from them.

In the Fall and in the Spring the SOS coordinator sends checks in an amount that is determined based on the amount of interest available from the fund at that time.

The students are encouraged to provide a picture of themselves to be posted on the TELC SOS Board so church members can know them, support them via cards, care packages, snack packages, baked goods, etc.  

The SOS coordinator is appointed by the council for a three year term. 

SOS Application (pdf)