Generosity in a Time of Transition

The time of stewardship “focus”  at TELC , when we pledge our time, talents, and finances, will be upon us when you receive this newsletter. But, the reality is, “faithful stewardship” does not only happen one month out of the year but 365 days a year. Faithful stewardship means looking to Jesus and how He lived, acted, loved, and gave with every breath, every deed, every word---with all He had.  Faithful stewardship is a way of life.   

We at TELC have been-- and continue to be in this time of transition—lovers and givers. I was recently asked by one of the visiting pastors what kinds of things we are involved in here at TELC. So I did some research and this is what I found:   

30 Hour Famine, Acolytes, Adult Choir, Adult Sunday School, Altar Guild, Alzheimer’s Walks, Auditors, Banner Makers, Cancer Walks, Children’s Christmas Programs, Christian Outreach Committee, Christmas Caroling, Christmas Concerts, Christmas Family Sponsors, Church Cleaners, Church Council, Coat donations, Coffee Hours, Communion Assistants, Communion Bread Bakers, Community Dinners, Community Garden, Counters, Crerand Commons Picnic and Backpack Donation, Devotion Books, Drivers for those who need rides, Drummers, Emmanuel in Motion Bicycle Ministry, Eye Glasses, Fellowship Committee, Finance Committee, Flower City Work Camp, Funeral Luncheons, Furnace and Building Repair and Maintenance, Garage Sales, Guitarists, Habitat for Humanity, Hands and Feet Ministry Committee, Hiking, Kitchen Organizers, Kitchen Renovations, Lectors, Lenten dinners, Library Maintenance, Little Dresses for Africa, Live Life Together Group, Love Offerings, Maggie’s Penny Jar, Maggie’s Thanksgiving Dinner, Men’s Bible Study, Midweek Bible Study, Mitten Tree, Monday Bible Study, Morning Glory Breakfast, Music directors, New Carpeting and Flooring, New Member Orientation Luncheon, New Parking Lot, Newsletter Articles, Offering Counters, Office Volunteers, Oscar Romero Church, Painting, Panera Bread Pickup and Delivery to Cameron Ministries, Photographers, Pianists, Picture Board, Praise Band, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Prayer Team, Property Committee, RAIHN, Rake and Run, Rebuilding Binghamton, Rebuilding New Orleans, Rebuilding Plaquemines Parish, RIT Student Ministry, Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoeboxes, Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief, Sanctuary Decorators, School Kits, Seeds, Sledding, Snow Shovelers, St. John’s Sunday Service Escorts, St. Theodore’s Food Cupboard Donations, Stephen Ministry, Stewardship Committee, Sunday Coffee Hours, SWEM Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Tax Preparers, TELC-TAGS, Trumpeters, Ushers and Greeters, Welcoming Committee, Westside Express, Women’s Bible Study, World Hunger Offerings, Worship and Music Committee, Worship Leaders, Youth Committee, Youth Mission Trips Youth Sunday, Youth Sunday School and teachers.    

This is surely not a complete list and forgive me if I have omitted something or someone. Some projects are no longer being done and some projects are new. But, the fact is, I am AMAZED and ASTOUNEDED by the history of abundant generosity and the continued abundant generosity that we, God’s people in this congregation, show on a daily basis. And this does not even include all the volunteering and giving we do apart from what is reported in this church building.    

We have really not skipped a beat during this time of transition because GOD DOES NOT SKIP A BEAT. God continues to provide abundant generosity to us and wants us to follow Jesus in sharing God’s blessings with others.    

You will be receiving pledge cards this month and our prayer is that we all continue to support this congregation’s ministries in this church, in our community, and in the world by sharing--with generous abundance--our time, talents, and treasures.   

Please continue to be with us on Sunday mornings to praise God and celebrate God’s work here at TELC.   Thank you for all you do.   God Provides,   Your Stewardship Committee      

Quote of the Month

GOD So loved The world that He GAVE His only Son That whoever believes in Him Shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 

God Loves You Merry Christmas from your Stewardship Team. 

Thank you for all you do and all you give so that all may know the love of God through you at TELC.    


Stewardship Resolutions for the New Year

Excerpts from “Stewardship Resolutions” by Bailey Walter     

Understand Better the Relationship between Faith and Money

· Learn about how faith and money are connected beyond giving to my church 

· Read about the subject of faith and finances.   

Budget Intentionally 

· How am I financially supporting my own faith community? What other organizations to which I may contribute are fulfilling the world’s needs? 

· Am I sorting my needs and wants correctly? 

· Are the items I’m purchasing produced by workers being paid just and fair wages? 

· Am I supporting my local community and businesses with my spending?   

Talk about Money and Stewardship More 

· In my workplace, I can be more open to talking about budgets and evaluate spending more often. 

· In my home, I can communicate more about my budgeting goals with those who share my household. 

· In my church community, I can help others understand their own financial stewardship practices, and can become aware of how my own faith community is being a good steward of its resources. 

· I recognize the privilege in being able to make the choices in how I spend my income. This discussion also allows me to be a voice for those who struggle financially to fulfill even their basic human needs and fight injustices that sustain poverty.  

Gifts of Hope - An Advent Devotional Book

Our Advent devotional book, “Gifts of Hope” will be available November 26, 2017 at church so we can begin the devotions on Dec 3. Thanks to all who have written devotions. We hope this can help us prepare our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  

Come into our hearts, Lord, Jesus.