About TELC


Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church, a vibrant  congregation that  facilitates an engaging worship life, equip members to further grow their in their faith and to foster caring relationships. TELC is located next to the City of Rochester in the town of Gates. TELC is blessed with a family friendly community, good schools and a congregation committed to their Savior Jesus Christ.

History of TELC


Two inner city Lutheran congregations struggling to sustain their ministries, yet sensing God's call that He was not yet finished with them. What should they do? With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation and dedication of the people to this Higher Call, the two churches decide to become one, and Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church is born.

Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church had its beginnings as Trinity Lutheran Church, founded in 1891 at the corner of Campbell and Walnut Streets in the "Bulls Head" area of Rochester, and Emmanuel Lutheran Church, founded in 1922 on Thurston Road in the 19th Ward.

These two Lutheran Churches merged in 1975 to become Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church, purchased land on Elmgrove Road, and began their ministry there on September 20, 1981 when they dedicated their new sanctuary.

Since 1981, the church has added two additions to support ministry to its members and community. Her members come from all parts of the Rochester area and as the mission statement claims, Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church is here so that "each one, may reach one, so that all may know the love of Christ."

Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church is a body of disciples whose mission is to serve God faithfully be serving those in need. As a result, the church has a ministry locally to the homeless, supports numerous food cupboards and shelters, works to repair the homes of those in need, and is active in going beyond the Rochester community to serve those affected by national disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and Tropical Storm Lee (Lee affected the Binghamton Area in 2011.) As with most churches, Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church has a wide range of worship experiences, Bible studies, children and youth ministries and small groups to support and encourage growth in faith.

In addition, through the years Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church has also been a welcoming presence to the community as she has offered concerts, plays, and other social events that bring the community together and encourage us to remember that we are stronger together as we know each other as friends and neighbors. Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church desires to be the hands and feet of Christ through which His love is shared with others. 

You are always welcome here!